Voltage of the Report is a Call by the Year 2022, the carrying and reaching voters

The democrats won by President Donald Trump, and captured the Senate in the last year, with races in a different coalition, which won by a margin of major countries, such as Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

At the next election, how do I get to repeat this process operative has made a new statement.

number of prominent Democratic opinion

A review of the 2020 elections, which are conducted by a number of prominent Democratic opinion-forming groups, concluded that the party risks losing ground among black, hispanic, and Asian-American voters in the form of a social agenda, and of the efforts to combat the Republicans ” to spread the information, and to associate each of the Democratic candidates are more to the left.

The 73-page report, obtained by the New York Times, has been prepared at the request of the democratic interest groups, the ” Third Way, a centrist think tank, and the Making of the PKK, and the Spanish Victory in Forward the Foundation, which supports black and Latino candidates. This is probably one of the most conservative of the law of self-investigation, which is carried out by the Democrats or the Republicans, then in the last election.

The action is all the more striking in that it is a human being, for what it says, the person who won: despite the gains, the Democrats are hoping to gain a more solid control of both houses of Congress, rather than the precarious position they currently hold.

Democrats have failed to live up to the expectations

Research has shown that some of the Democrats have failed to live up to the expectations, since many of the u.s. house of representatives and the Senate, candidates have failed to match that of Joe Biden’s support with the support of the palette, which can hate Trump, but the belief of the Democratic Party as a whole. This is in the constituency covering the Spanish-speaking voters in the state of Florida, Texas and the Americans in Vietnam, and the Philippines to the Americans in California, and the black voters in North Carolina.

In general, warns the report, demokratlara, 2020, the lack of a substantive argument about the economy and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, as it can help the clients in any other way, claiming the Gop wants to “keep the economy is closed, or worse.

“Win or lose, you call yourself a progressive, or a slow, this is the way it will be carried out, the Democrats have consistently raised concerns that, in the absence of a strong brand name in the Democratic Party is a big challenge in 2020,” according to the report. – The absence of strong parties, the stigma of the opposition, in order to return a summary of the Republican party, in order to offer to our candidates, in order to “burn the house to bring in the police.”

representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Earlier, the representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a Democrat, losing a re-election as President of the South Florida in November, said in an interview, I said, talk to the authors of the report, and expressed concern about the over-coating-national democratic electorate, and party in order to refute the false information to the Spanish media.

“Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has, in a sense, the loss of contact with our constituents,”Mukarsel He said. It is possible, of course, is that people of color, or as a representative of the working class is going to vote for the Democrats. We can never, ever, think about something.”

The reports are written primarily by two of the Democratic veterans of the-Marlon Marshall, and Linda is open, this is the most central of the Democratic party’s internal debates about how to respond to the election, in 2022. This may raise doubts in some circles, to engage in the Way that most of the concerns of the enemies.

campaign finance reform group End Citizens

A fourth group was first supported in this study, the campaign finance reform group End Citizens United ruling from earlier this year. Tiffany Mueller, the head of the group, said that an opt-out, participation, please note that instead of passing the People’s Law, with a radical bill that is stuck in the Senate.

However, and Transparency, as well as the teams ‘ sponsorship of the Opinion, has been the last couple of days has begun to share its profit with Democratic lawmakers and party officials, among other things, Jamie Harrison, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

The research, which spanned a period of nearly six months of research and analysis of information, which is reviewed in three dozen states house of representatives and Senate races, and made the 143 people, including legislators, candidates, pollsters, and the people who are involved in the structure of the report.

Senate in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina

In between, the campaign was also marked by the Senate in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina, as well as the House races around the Minneapolis and Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas, and in rural New Mexico as well as the Isle of Man.

In a study out of the following, the internal space of the inspection results to be hosted by the Democratic Congressional Committee, the government, in the last month. Both of these projects shows that the Democratic candidates, was the prisoner of a variety of public opinion surveys, and the pandemic is propaganda, which imposed restrictions.

The DCCC’s report, the committee may be attributed to the failure of the congressional level, with a significant increase of The supporters of the Democrats ‘ inadequate response to the attacks, calling them a cop-hating socialists.

Some of the leftists, please note that there is at present a complaint to criticize the left’s message is to be reduced to the scapegoating of activists of the party refused.

IT is the Collective

However, in the Third approach is to be considered, as IT is the Collective, and the latino Victory Fund, is to diagnose the party’s message, which is imperfect in the sense that it can be filled with demokratlara more than a dozen seats in the u.s. house of representatives. In his report, gives a rough estimate is that by 2020, the Republicans will also have to deceive the voters, on the basis of the democrat party agenda and, correspondingly, the mistake is to talk to voters of color, as if they were a monolithic group of left-wing views.

California representative Tony Cardenas, who last year led to the political action committee of the French President, François Hollande, is a congressional caucus is supported, this criticism of the democratic message, and said that the party should abandon the assumption that ” the voters of colour in nature is more progressive.

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“It’s a ridiculous idea, and there’s never been true,” Cardenas said, is to lament the fact that the Republicans have been able to “deceive, try to hispanic voters by appealing to the means of production, things like that” to disarm the police.

a lot of the rhetoric

Quentin James, the chairman of the Collective, IT-by saying that it was clear that “a lot of the rhetoric that we’re seeing at the coast of the Democrats” were a problem. James pointed out that it was the activists ‘demands to” disarm ” the police, which is particularly harmful, even among the supporters of the newly-formed well-controlled system.

We carried out a survey which showed that of women voters, in general, with the support of the reform of the police department, and the budget of the re-allocated, said James. In this terminology, the — ‘claim’, there were none of the black dragon.

lost a House seat for him from Omaha

Black and Eastman, a Progressive Democrat who lost a House seat for him from Omaha, Nebraska, said in the Republicans have managed to convey “a message of the flood, as” a pejorative for him and his party, who, in the general population. Eastman said he spoke to the authors of the 2020 review that he believed that the brief was particularly harmful to women.

Matt Bennett, Third Way strategy, said the party needs to be better prepared for the defence of the midterm campaign.

“We need to take this attack on the social democrats, which is a very serious one, that is, radical, and state that it’s going to land,” Bennett said. Very simple, he is ahead of Joe Biden.

Biden and other Democrats have lost ground among Latino voters compared with the results of 2016, “in particular among the working-class and non-college voters, and the community voters,” according to the report.

Asian-Americans have apparently secured Biden’s

The report states that an increase in the arrival of the Asian-Americans have apparently secured Biden’s win in Georgia, however, Democratic House candidates, endorsed Biden along with Asian-American voters in the contested California, Texas and events. Some of the important states are, the Democrats have not been to black voters at the same rate as that of the Republicans has been to conservative white people.

“A significant expansion of the new arrivals have brought demokratlara more than that of the raw votes from black voters than in 2016, but the explosive growth of the white voters in most of the races have joined of these benefits,” the report said.

To compare, the soul of the Republicans for the party’s failure in the previous year, in large part because of the GOP’s leaders are not in the mood to argue about Trump’s influence.

The Republican Party is facing a major political obstacles as the result of Trump’s unpopularity, with the growing liberalism of young voters, and a growing number of countries. Many of the party’s policies are unpopular, including the cutting of social programs, pensions, and to have low taxes for the wealthy and for big corporations.

The democrats ‘ hopes in the mid-term elections, has so far resulted in the possibility of a strong sağaldıqdan, after the coronavirus pandemic, and what the voters think the Republican Party needs to control a runaway, and inappropriate land.

An economy in which a representative Sherrill, D-N. J., a moderate politician, who was briefed on the findings in this report indicate that a party needs is a strong theme in the economy by 2022.

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