Twitter temporarily barred; Twitter Important to Government of India

On Monday, Twitter temporarily barred Indians from viewing the accounts of many activists, political analysts, movie stars, and the leading journalist magazine, the Caravan, on orders from the country’s government.

Twitter temporarily barred

All the accounts were the same thing, they had been criticizing the Indian Prime Minister of the Indian subcontinent, Narendra Modi. Twitter recovered the accounts more than six hours later, telling government officials that the tweets and accounts speak freely and honestly in the news.

The move comes amid growing tensions in India and raises questions about the role played by American technology companies there. A few weeks ago, Indian authorities filed lawsuits against prominent journalists reporting on farmers’ protests challenging the Modi government. Over the weekend, police in New Delhi, the capital of India, arrested two journalists, one of whom was still in custody.

Last week, calls to shoot protesting farmers went on for hours on Twitter, as thousands of tweets promoting police brutality filled the stadium.

temporarily closed in the country

Some of the most prominent Twitter accounts that have been temporarily closed in the country include those that posted tweets from farmers’ protests, in addition to the Caravan.

Caravan workers believe Twitter’s decision to withhold our official account is the latest in a long list of attacks targeting the publication following fearlessly important news, Vinod K. Jose, editor of the magazine, and one of the anti-apartheid journalists who reported him last week told Sasa Ran News.

After Caravan returned to twitter, twitter, our account was restored. Today, more than ever before, it is clear that true media needs to work together for real. We thank our readers, subscribers and sponsors for their unwavering support.

Twitter account content

In a statement, Twitter said: Most countries have laws that can apply to Tweets and or Twitter account content. In our ongoing efforts to make our services available to people everywhere, if we receive a properly identifiable request from an authorized business, we may be required to restrict.

Openness is important in protecting freedom of speech, so we have a notification policy for reserved content. Upon receipt of requests to reserve the content, we will promptly notify the affected account holders.

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Twitter holds tweets and accounts, including in the United States, when it receives a legitimate and appropriate application from an authorized fund, according to the company’s website. These tweets or accounts are often seen all over the world.

published applications for Lumen

The company says it will immediately notify affected users unless we are prohibited from doing so, and has published applications for Lumen, a Harvard University project.

But people whose accounts were temporarily blocked in India said Twitter had not informed them before taking action.

They did not contact me before taking action against my account, Sanjukta Basu, a political analyst withheld Twitter, told Sasa Ran News.

Jose said Twitter did not notify the magazine before blocking the account, and only heard from the company an hour later. Twitter did not disclose where the application for legal removal came from, he said.

Indian IT Department under a clause

Sasa Ran News has found that a legal order comes from the Indian IT Department under a clause that allows the government to issue a decision to remove content that is considered a threat to national security, and that prevents companies like Twitter from disclosing information on account or tweet restrictions. The IT department declined to issue an official statement.

Twitter confirmed that orders came from India’s IT department, but said it would not send them to the Lumen database as accounts were opened.

The company finds itself caught up in local laws and international rights standards.

respond to government directives to Twitter temporarily barred

Internet platforms need to ensure that any steps they take to respond to government directives on content removal comply with international human rights standards, Raman Jit Singh Chima, chief executive officer and director of the Asia Pacific Policy on Access Now, an online nonprofit organization, told Sasa Ran News. They should oppose further orders, or seek to pressure the media to report.

That would mean, or in the short term, taking steps that may seem unthinkable in some lands – an act that has led to much criticism.

Can you imagine twitter accessing a New Yorker or Atlantic account in a timely manner following an official letter? He tweeted Nicholas Dawes, the City’s chief editor and former director of Human Rights Watch. Applying human rights-based standards for world-class content content can be difficult, but it is the job for which they are registered.

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