Trump Allies Removed By Biden Administration

Trump Allies; Acting U.S. Governor The Agency for Global Media has fired leaders of a number of government-sponsored media outlets as part of a major bid by Biden administration to end the alliance of former President Donald Trump’s allies.

Trump Allies

To remove what he believed was bias against media outlets. Many current and former employees of the organization have accused Pack of trying to turn it into a spokesman for Trump’s management.

A U.S. spokesman The Agency for Global Media declined to comment.

The expulsion, previously reported by NPR and Politico, is the latest in a series of U.S. reforms. Agency for Global Media, and government-sponsored news outlets in charge, under the administration of Biden.

The day before, Pack stepped down at the request of Biden management.

Radio Free Europe

Ted Lipien, who was in charge of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, was once a senior official at VOA and a major critic of the media organization. Stephen Yates, who led Radio Free Asia, was previously chairman of the Idaho Republican Party and also served as deputy national security adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney. Victoria Coates, head of the Middle East Broadcasting Network, was the deputy national security adviser to the Trump administration.

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President Joe Biden was expected to make major changes to the media agency. In the dwindling days of Trump’s administration, Voice of America was criticized for giving another White House writer who was trying to question former Political Secretary Mike Pompeo a question at an event held in the city hall at the store’s Washington headquarters.

After Pack resigned, Biden’s management promptly appointed Chao, a longtime employee of Voice of America, to replace him.

Agency for Global Media

Pack management in the U.S. The Agency for Global Media noted a major disruption. After taking office, he fired the top executives of four media outlets under him, as well as their governing board.

He has also been accused of cleaning up workers by criticizing his leadership, starving organizations under his auspices in fundraising, and trying to withhold visa permits for at least 76 foreign journalists in Voice of America because he saw them as a security risk.

representatives of both parties

At a House Foreign Affairs Committee conference in September, representatives of both parties accused Pack of undermining the institution’s work, which included the fight against illegal information in places. Pack ignored an invitation to the congress to attend the trial.

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