Trump Teaches Teachers Conspiracy Theory Which Taught To Students By Teachers

Teachers Conspiracy Theory: Speaking to his students at a Zoom lesson earlier this month, a North Virginia teacher of social studies called the coup attempt at the Capitol on January 6 “a setup”.

You will know, he said. He was there.

Teachers Conspiracy Theory

Plummer defended the marching crowd on the Capitol as “extremely peaceful” and “Christian,” and instead told his small class at various Fred M. Lynn Middle School that summer Black Lives Matter protesters were guilty of “destroying cities.”

Plummer, who did not respond to a request for comment, was later given a leave of absence due to his beating by Zoom after a student recorded it and posted it on Twitter. The Prince William County school district told local media that although workers were allowed to “get involved in politics in their time,” they should not do so during office hours or use school resources.

The district noted that workers “who commit crimes that question their eligibility” could be fired, but there is no evidence that Plummer took part in the Capitol attack and has never been charged with a crime.

Teachers Conspiracy Theory

A high school teacher in the district, who is a black man and asked not to be identified so as not to jeopardize his work, told Sasa Ran News that he felt sick watching the video and worried about how painful it was for the school’s students, he said mostly Latinos, to live in.

It is the education of our children, “said the high school teacher.” You have broken that sacred trust placed in us by our parents, by the community. ”

Plummer is one of several teachers who have had to deal with the consequences of their rebellion. A Wisconsin high school history teacher is being investigated for telling his students that he was going to DC to defend “electoral integrity.” A Florida firefighter has been fired for lying to students that the riots are antifa. A Pennsylvania social studies teacher has been suspended pending an investigation into Trump’s meeting before the Capitol attack and said on Facebook he was “doing his public service.

campaign for a government in the Capitol

In an effort to campaign for a government in the Capitol, Americans are fighting against what we should do with people with special social responsibilities – from police to politicians to the military – who take part in deadly daytime events, and those who have helped spread the flames by spreading these corrupt gangs before and after the attack. But the role played by the country’s teachers who participated in or supported the protest was not discussed in detail.

The political situation in the country is so tense that some teachers even hold their own, or face the consequences of disciplinary action, as conspiracy theorists tarnish the image. These educators, like millions of other Americans who wrongly believe that the 2020 election has been stolen, who are responsible for educating children about what happened on that day alone, are helping to build the next generation of voters.

“Schools are the foundation of democracy. That’s where students get their first taste of what it looks like to be part of an inclusive democracy, ”said Jessica Acee, a senior official at the Western States Center who compiled a training kit on white supremacy in schools. Her adopted son is not terrified. The boy said his history teacher, Jeff Taff, would continue to slander for a long time about electoral fraud, even if it had nothing to do with the subject. Before heading to DC for the “Stop the Steal” rally, Taff had provided the students with a video of the Epoch Times conspiracy that pushed out claims from Rudy Giuliani about “illegal” balloons.

A lawyer representing Taff told Sasa Ran News  that the video he was given “did not need to be viewed, or promoted as a fact” and “was just a forum for discussion as it was just news.” But screenshots of the curriculum, viewed by Sasa Ran News, show a video of him being placed next to the usual categories and without explanation about the teacher announcing the reason for his absence: it’s written.

Donald Trump about his defeat

Deceived by the widespread lies of former president Donald Trump about his defeat, about one-third of Americans, and two-thirds of the Republicans, do not trust the election results and believe there was widespread fraud, despite a complete lack of evidence. More than six believe QAnon’s massive deception, almost the same number that does not believe humans are responsible for climate change.

Teachers are naturally among them. Because of how they are scattered all over the United States, teachers can be considered as part of what the rest of the world believes, according to Meira Levinson, a Harvard University professor of education and political philosophy. “Teachers are still evenly distributed,” Levinson said.

Of course, not all teachers who believe in Trump’s lies have ever attacked the Capitol (there is no evidence that Taff, a Wisconsin teacher, tried to do so, and his wife said on Facebook he didn’t have it.) Others, including school bus drivers and exercise teachers, went to his meeting early, sparked controversy in their communities over whether they should face disciplinary action even if it was their right under the First Amendment, and these often won.

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said Randi Weingarten

“I can support the right of the people to protest, as I think protesting is bad,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, who was said to be one of the candidates for the education secretary’s secretary in the Biden Cabinet. “[But] there is a line between protest and violence. There is a line between disliking the outcome of the election and participating in destabilizing it.” But what is less clear is the path to be taken by teachers who mix social or historical education with a false conspiracy.

“Above all else, teachers need to distinguish between the real argument and the false argument,” said Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and academic historian.

Such an example of “artificial intelligence” would be climate change, where rational minds would argue about how best to be considered, but not whether they exist or are caused by humanity. Another complex example for Zimmerman is Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, which was a battle of light in schools for decades but is now being taught in many schools without teaching religious theories of intelligent design as if to imply a scientific equality.

whether the election was stolen

“There is no, in my mind, an argument about whether the election was stolen,” he said. It is their right to say, but I also think it is the responsibility of schools to challenge incorrect information and above all to distinguish between legal and counterfeit arguments. ”

Teachers have a responsibility to educate students about the 2020 elections, and all the chaos and nonsense and bloodshed that has resulted. And it should be noted that doing so without yellow glasses, especially as events become a distant memory. As anyone knows whether they were taught that Columbus “discovered” America or Rosa Parks sat on the bus because he was “tired,” history – especially as it is brought to schools – has a way of being cleaned up without being noticed.

But as the US is stubbornly divided between politics, and one party seems to be embracing conspiracy theories and lies, the class is currently in full swing.

Teachers on both sides of the political spectrum often set boundaries to discuss their political beliefs in class, and in many schools keeping their mouths shut is a must.

schools teach civil rights movements

But the line is not always clear. While many schools teach civil rights movements, some teachers suffered a setback last year when they tried to teach the Black Lives Matter.The distrust of what is described as “very political” could lead teachers to misunderstand lessons on completely controversial political topics. , according to Weingarten of the teachers’ union, who said this is especially true now for teachers in strong Republican areas.

He said the result was to create a climate of fear.

“Teachers strongly avoid engaging in any of these discussions in the classroom for fear of being criticized for being political, rather than for public opinion [in teaching] about government,” Weinarten said.

Some, in fact, have gotten into hot water about this. A social studies teacher at a high school in Catoosa County, Georgia (a district near the Tennessee border represented in Congress by Queen Q Parliamentary Marjorie Taylor Greene), this week was forced to remove posts from an online classroom where she said there was no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Following the parents’ complaint, McMahan, who declined to comment on Sasa Ran News was ordered to resign. School officials said it was because McMahan had carefully considered “his opinion” on conspiracy theories, rumors and allegations that had not yet been charged.

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