Mike Pence may not ‘see eye to eye’ with Donald Trump on January

see eye to eye

Former Vice President Mike Pence hit another country vote on Thursday evening, boosting speculation of the 2024 campaign by lighting the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Manchester, New Hampshire.

When he ran for president, Thursday night’s speech highlighted disagreements with his former boss – who may also be an opponent of the GOP nomination – over his view of Capitol violence.

Capitol police

Toward the end of his 30-minute speech, Pence spoke of Jan’s attack. 6 at the Capitol, and while calling it a “dark day,” he threatened to intimidate it – saying “the immediate action of the Capitol police.

Five people were killed as a result of the violence, including Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, and another police officer who committed suicide died after being attacked. Scores of law enforcement officials received injuries and discussed violent clashes with protesters.

But he made a remarkable confession about how he and Trump looked that day.

a crowd in Manchester

“President Trump and I have spoken many times since we left office,” Pence told a crowd in Manchester. “And I don’t know if we will ever face that day. But I will always be proud of what we have done for the American people over the past four years.”

Pence was in the Capitol when Trump supporters broke through barricades and attacked police with the intention of halting the counting of election votes that confirmed Joe Biden as president. While Pence was in charge of the count, Trump asked his No. 2 to change the results, although there was no way to do so. Calls from Trump and his supporters led to angry songs from protesters to “Hang Mike Pence” as he rejected any idea of ​​changing the election results.

However, Pence went on to say on Thursday, “I will not allow Democrats or their allies in the media to use one bad day to undermine the aspirations of millions of Americans.”

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The former vice-president dismissed much of the speech applauding what he saw as the Trump administration’s accomplishments, and spending a few months in Biden’s administration in office, including an “explosion of money laundering.”

White House right now

Before he entered the White House right now, he joked, “The governor said he didn’t come here to beat the current bosses. Yes, I did. So arrest him.”

While Pence avoided inciting conspiracies about the election or any so-called audits taking place in Arizona and Georgia, he spoke of “electoral integrity” and allowed efforts by state legislatures across the country to impose a GOP-led voting law. Democrats refer to this law, which is being carried out with varying success in provinces such as Georgia and Texas, as ways to oppress voters.

“It will be our party that makes it clear that the integrity of the election is a matter of national importance, but it is the responsibility of government,” Pence said. “The fact is, after an election that saw many states across the country set aside the rules enacted by their legislatures, now is the time for the provinces to ensure that the one-man, one-vote vote in the center of our system is protected – guaranteed.”

ethics and voting rights

Exploding HR 1, a package of Democrat-led ethics and voting rights, Pence said Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Washington “wanted to literally integrate more practices that create greater potential for fraud.” Democrats say the law will make voting easier.

He also said on Thursday Republicans “would never allow” Pelosi “to take the first of a nation from New Hampshire.”

Pence’s visit to New Hampshire was the last in the province that had a primary school. New Hampshire traditionally holds the first major national title. In late April, Pence delivered his first speech since leaving office at a party in Columbia, South Carolina, one of the first constituencies to vote.

Pence also blamed Biden’s response to the recent war between Israel and Hamas on his trip to New Hampshire.

returned hundreds of millions of dollars

“After our leaders have been strong with Israel every day for four years. President Biden has returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, announced plans to resume talks with Iran, until he calmed down as Hamas terrorists fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians. It’s amazing,” Pence said.

Biden, however, has repeatedly criticized Hamas for firing rockets at Israel and repeatedly said the country has a right to self-defense.

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