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Of the House of Representatives speaker Nancy is So far away, said on Thursday that he would welcome the Congress of the proxy statement. Ilhan Omar, wrote that Israel’s Twitter account, who has written on both sides of the aisle, is not fair to compare the us and Israeli policies to the groups.

Omar’s recent comments

In a written statement to this extent, D-Calif., he said, ” to create the false correspondence between liberal democracies like the united states, Israel, and the groups involved in terrorism, Hamas, and the Taliban, fuel them, and undermine peace and security for all.

“We applaud Congresswoman Omar’s explanation that does not have a moral equivalence between the United States and the state of Israel, Hamas and the Taliban,” so far, I said.

criticized Omar

Jewish lawmakers criticized Omar, D-Minn., on twitter, he was released on a Monday to make a video for him to call into question the united states Secretary of state Anthony Blinken, if the local jurisdiction, to be able to manage the crime of aggression. Escort coupe, the of Omar included a message that says, “We must be at the same level of responsibility, and justice for all humanity to commit the crimes that have been committed against the victim. As we have seen, what comes to mind, unimaginable atrocities that have been committed in the United States, Hamas, Israel, and Afghanistan, and the Taliban. As I said, Blinken, ‘people’, where you can go to in order to get justice.”

centre-right of delegation

A group of lawmakers led by the centre-right of delegation, by Brad Schneider, D-Ill., in a statement issued late on Tuesday, in which Omar, tweeted: “to put the united states and Israel, Hamas and the Taliban, as these attacks are false. Ignoring the distinction between democracy, governance, rule of law, and to the shameful organizations that engage in terrorism, in the best case, the discredited likely to be an argument, and, in the worst case, reflects a deep-seated prejudices.”

In response, the pdp, the first shot of his fellow Democrats.

“It is a disgrace to our colleagues who are calling, and I need time for my assistance, is now making a statement, asking for “clarification,” and not just a cold, ” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. – Islam phobia are expensive, this is the statement of the offence. The constant harassment and the silence of the signers of this letter are safe.”

But on Thursday, the pdp, has issued a statement, in which the features of a case of a failure to provide an explanation for this.

“In some ways, I had to put an equal sign between terrorist organizations in a democratic country, a member of the judicial system
Omar, a Somali refugee and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress since taking office, has been a leader in the fight against the pro-Israel members of Congress and the democratic leadership. In 2019, he apologized, and then threw the controversial comments about pro-Israel lobby in the united states-Israel Public Affairs Committee.

context of Omar’s recent speech

Even though this is most likely to be Democrats, it was silent for a moment, in the context of Omar’s recent speech, it received the support of the other progressives, was more frank in his criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians.

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“I’m sick and tired of the colleagues of the (D+R), demonization, [Omar],” the representative wrote on twitter. Rashid Tlaib, Dr. Mih., of British origin. It’s enough courage to shout out to the violation of human rights, no matter who is in charge. This is better than that of peers who are facing whether it is in their policy.”

intentionally mischaracterizing

“I am sick and tired of the constant slander, intentionally mischaracterizing and to the public purposes of the [Omar] to take the place of our ancestors,” a spokesperson wrote on Twitter. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, N. Y., “They have no idea of the risks associated with it, the card of a personal interview, and the previous year, providing targeted news to the times, it has been found.”

Ahead of the announcement, in so far as the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, d-California, has been trying to increase the pressure on the speaker to take action against Omar.

Omar’s anti-Semitic and anti-American comments

“Representatives of the commission. Omar’s anti-Semitic and anti-American comments cannot wait to go back, “McCarthy wrote on Twitter. “The speaker continued failure to deal with their faction’s case, so far as to send a message to the world that the Liberals are tolerant of anti-Semitism, and the like, with terrorists. It is time for the Speaker to take action.”

Israel, which has had more attention from Washington in the weeks since a military clash between Israel and Hamas in the past year, more than 200 of the Palestinian residents of the gaza strip, and at least 12 Israelis. Omar, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez were one of the Democrats to support a resolution that would have deferred $ 735 million in the United States and Israel in the arms of the treaty.

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