Manchester vs United; FA Cup Situations, Selection & Prediction January 24

Manchester vs United; Here are two players I can collect who will be playing for Liverpool’s United: Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford. Rashford came on just five minutes into United’s last game against Fulham midweek, so he will be new to the game.

Manchester vs United

In the Premier League, the Red Devils are on fire, starting on November 1 with only their drawings against Manchester City, Leicester City and Liverpool.

While United are still hot, there are concerns. In their 10 wins this summer, seven have scored one goal, including the last four against Wolves, Aston Villa, Burnley and Fulham. There is a sense in which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team, while playing well, narrowly avoided defeat.

Manchester United’s goal-scoring record has also been dry for the past five games, where they have teamed up to score five goals. They conceded just two goals at the time, the debt behind them being boosted by Eric Bailly’s recent form.


If we talk about dry goals, let’s talk about Liverpool.

Since the Reds scored seven against Crystal Palace on December 19, they have scored two goals in the Premier League in their last five games. An attack like Liverpool, that’s incomprehensible.

The main reason for the drought is the lack of options going forward at the moment, something Liverpool did not worry about at the start of the season when newcomer Diogo Jota shone the Premier League and Champions League goals.

Champions League match against Midtjylland

Jota has been sidelined since suffering a knee injury since the start of the Champions League match against Midtjylland on December 9. Liverpool have beaten just once more than twice in eight Premier League games since then.

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Over the years, manager Jurgen Klopp has not really thought about the FA Cup, which he plays a lot for the reserved team in each round. In Round 3 they faced a team made up of players who appear mainly in the Aston Villa reserve, however, the Liverpool team sheet had the likes Thoago, Roberto Firmino and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also appeared on the bench.

Selection Analysis

Seven Reds after the game include similar league games with Tottenham, Manchester City, Leicester and Everton, two points adrift of the Liverpool league table with two games in hand, and the first leg of the Champions League knockout stages against RB Leipzig.

With the upcoming hot and heavy games for Liverpool, they need to get it right away. This gives Klopp’s men a good chance to do so in the big league against the big rival.

Last Sunday’s match between the two teams saw each side register more than the expected 1.00 goals, indicating a chance to have it. Aside from repeating the cup, I think Liverpool look set to win this one and collect the momentum going into the game on Thursday against Spurs.

Neither Salah nor Firmino started the Reds loss to Burnley on Thursday, meaning both are likely to be in the top flight.

Liverpool will be ready at some point

While the form is not there, I hope Liverpool will be ready at some point. To think that Klopp is not starting a team that is primarily made up of reserves and the first team to be dumped – where I would not blame anyone for not betting Liverpool – is a good place to trust the Reds in disagreement.

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