Godzilla vs Kong’s noisy and Stupid Trailer

The first trailer for the movie Godzilla vs Kong is here, and it brings a lot to the promise of the title. If you want to watch two CG monsters fight in a way that almost resembles a video game, this teaser has it all.

Godzilla vs Kong’s

HBO Max subscribers will have 31 days to check it out once it is out, and then leave the streamer, perhaps returning to service later.

The film is a sequel to Godzilla’s 2014 and Godzilla’s 2019 series: King of the Monsters, as well as the beautiful and respected Kong: Skull Island released in 2017. Actors returning from King of the Monsters include Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler – as they have seen the trailer, Rebecca Hall and Alexander Skarsgård are also part of the cast.

The official synopsis has been revealed, too, which you can read below.

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Godzillah compared to Kong as these mythical enemies

Legends clash in Godzillah compared to Kong as these mythical enemies meet in a spectacular battle of years, with the end of the world lying on the scales. An angry Godzilla, cutting through the world of destruction. The conflict between the two titans – caused by the unseen by the military – is just the beginning of a mystery on the depths of the Earth. ”

Great time to broadcast

Like Wonder Woman 1984, the film was originally intended for theatrical sense rather than for home enjoyment. While it is difficult to invest in the fictional world of a few Godzilla and King Kong films rather than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, joining them was clearly a major cinema event.

people’s homes in the US

Now, it will happen mostly in people’s homes in the US, after more than seven years of construction. It will also join many other Warner Bros movies presented on HBO Max in 2021, including Matrix 4, Suicide Squad and anything else scheduled to be released before the start of 2022.

HBO Max will have great content

It means that when it comes to streaming movies, HBO Max will have great content all year round. Surely the above trailer makes you worth dropping $ 14.99 a month to check out the service?

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