New York is more and more dominated by the problem.

The New York City mayoral election has still not been resolved, as they enter the final stage before the crucial democratic primary, and a new request, and are treated with a great deal of sympathy, and the weekend of the worries of competition, which is the growing cyber-crime has become a growing problem.

dominated by the problem

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, d-N. Y., shaking up the race on Saturday, with the appreciation of you, Maya Wiley, a progressive activist and former chair of the Civilian Complaint Board of directors .

It’s going to take a couple of days before it will be possible to measure all of the bounce rate for Wiley’s voice. However, it is not clear just how powerful the influence of the MB-approval. It can be a hit, due to the fact that the athletes, in order to show that violent crime is a major issue for the majority of the Democratic electorate, was able to get an early start in order to vote on Saturday, July 12, prior to the 22nd of June, prior to the elections, the story begins.

However, given the strong Democratic vote in New York city, won the June primary is going to be a big favourite to be the next mayor.

NYPD’s budget by $ 1 billion a year

Wiley suggested that the cut of the NYPD’s budget by $ 1 billion a year, after the current Mayor, Bill de Blasio is reduced to the police budget by the same amount. He is, as well as recently announced, the accused and the police over-reacted in the racial justice protests of the last month.

“They [the police] were met with the peaceful protesters, hitting the top of the other countries, and is a leader in New York city,” he said. As mayor, I will lead, and I’m going to do it. Because it’s time for the NYPD to make sure our people are worthy enough to breathe, ” Wiley said in the ad.

However, a recent study by NY1, and We found that the crime and public security are now the No. 1 issue for voters at 46 per cent. The crime rate has been the COVID-19 their top priority, for the past month.

72 percent of voters believe

The NY1/Ipsos survey also found that 72 percent of voters believe that the NYPD should be on the ground, with more police officers on the street, in order to deal with the crime problem, compared with only 20 per cent of the people who don’t agree with it. The shootings, robbery, was raised in May of this year, compared with last year, followed by a sharp spike in the last summer while shooting more than doubled in size.

According to the statistics of the police department of New York, and in the number of murders increased by 23% compared to the previous year, on May 23. This year, the trend has been seen in violent attacks across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Jewish communities.

a former NYPD captain

Brooklyn’s President, Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain, apparently, is the recipient of the New yorkers ” the new, the fear of crime. Adams has said that he would be increasing the police presence in New York city, and the increase in its budget. Adams, a black man who has been accused of “young, white, rich people,” as they are moving forward, an anti-slogan of the police, and said that it was the black community that support it.

The case is mostly NY1/Ipsos, 33% of likely voters think of Adam, is the best candidate to deal with the crime. No one else is even close, and that the set of Adam, ahead of all other candidates in the field, with at least 20 points, and when it comes to public safety.

On Saturday, after it’S liked, Wiley, Adams has released a furious statement, criticising the for women.

Ocasio-Cortez, and Maya Wiley

“Representatives of the commission. Ocasio-Cortez, and Maya Wiley wants to cut to the police budget police, that is when we have the black and brown children, and shooting in the streets, hate crimes, terror of the Asian as well as in the Jewish community, and the innocent people of New York city, it is to be stabbed, and shot on the way to work,” Adams said. “They have put the slogan, and the politics over public safety, and will put at risk the lives of New yorkers.”

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Wiley spoke out against the ” Sunday: “I think that’s the kind of conversation that actually sends our way back to discrimination, harassment, and any damage that was not smart the police was unconstitutional policing,” he said of Adams ‘ remarks. “The Smart, the police, the police focused on the work of the police, but it’s part of the recognition, the balance, investment, and public organizations.

Socialist party of New York

Sumati Kumar, co-president of the Democratic Socialist party of New York, told Yahoo News, even if the LATER-EDS know, is not a candidate for the town Hall, “I can understand the push and the unification of the around the progressive candidate.”

“It’s really scary to see how much of a direct rhetoric, that is, in the discussion, especially when it comes to the police and to public security,” Kumar said. “I’m really concerned about the fact that people like Eric Adams, the use of bullying tactics in order to win, try and options, and to invest more resources into a bad institution, which the NYPD.”

However, public opinion polls, the mayoral race is consistently showed that, of the three, the most progressive candidates, Wiley, the City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, and Eric Morales, an Afro-Western former prime minister, a non-profit organization, is going to only 30 per cent of the votes cast in a combination of the two. The leader of the moderate candidates, Adams and the entrepreneur Andrew Young, the former city sanitation intelligence At both attract a 40% to 50% put together.

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