Alexandria With Traumatic ; Experience During Capitol Riot shared

Alexandria With Traumatic ; Attorney Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opened up about her traumatic experience that came out of her office during the US Capitol attack on Instagram Live on Monday night, saying that in order to heal the nation we need those involved in inciting violence Jan 6 will be held accountable.

Alexandria With Traumatic

Ocasio-Cortez said his case was one of many, but he felt compelled to discuss it as some Republicans repeatedly lied that the election had been stolen from Donald Trump and urged Democrats to continue. Basically, he called for Sen.Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to step down.

They tried to tell us it wasn’t a big deal. They are trying to tell us to move on without answering, without telling the truth, to move on. That tells me that if they are given another political window their chance, even if they know what it means, that it will endanger their colleagues, they will do it again.

More than an hour later, a New York Democrat discussed warnings he and other members of Congress had in the days leading up to the violent uprising at the Capitol and provided new details about the closest meeting where he thought he was going to die, as he revealed on Instagram Live weeks ago.

trauma of one experience for Alexandria With Traumatic

Ocasio-Cortez also revealed that he is a survivor of and explained how the trauma of one experience can be linked to another. He also compared the tactics of those who kept Trump’s lies about the election with those of the perpetrators.

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Why do I think it’s important to look at this because we know that… when they say ‘We can just go on?’ What they really said, he continued, was, ‘Let’s just forget this happened so I can do it again without seeking help? ‘

About a week before the attack, Ocasio-Cortez said he began receiving messages from other members of Congress telling him to prepare for the violence on the day of the Electoral College certificate. Those warnings were magnified by the fact that he too was exposed in Washington, DC, two days before the attack.

confrontation with police outside the Capitol

On January 6, when Trump’s supporters began a confrontation with police outside the Capitol, Ocasio-Cortez was on his phone for lunch with him and his legal director when they suddenly heard someone knock on his office door. He said no one was shouting and there were no words to indicate who was there, just the sound of a violent knock, like someone trying to break down a door.

  • He ran into his office and into the bathroom, hiding behind a wall behind the door.
  • After that I start to hear the shouts, ‘Where is he? Where is he? Ocasio-Cortez said. This was a time when I thought it was all over.

He said he believed he was going to die, showing that if this was the journey of my life, that I could see that things would get better, he remembered, wiping tears from his eyes. I had achieved my goal.

knocking on the door by Alexandria With Traumatic

However, when she heard her lawmaker call her out, she learned that the man knocking on the door was a Capitol policeman. At the time, he was not sure if he had any good intentions, he said, the situation would not have felt better.

  • He looked at me with great anger and hostility, he said. We could not learn whether this was a good situation or a bad situation.
  • The officer eventually told him to go to another building but failed to provide details of where members of Congress were being held, he said.
  • Capitol police representatives did not immediately respond to Sasa Ran News’ request for comment.

Ocasio-Cortez later explained that after arriving at another building and looking for another place to hide, he saw Attorney Katie Porter and barricaded his office with his staff during the remaining closure.

  • Speaking to MSNBC on Monday night, Porter recounted how his colleague worked hard to find a place to hide inside the office.

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